Short documentary about my recent work, filmed in my studio, 2020.

During my education in Art History at the University of Amsterdam (2001), I laid the foundation for learning to 'look' properly. My interest was, among other things, in Prehistoric Art. Particularly the question of what drove people to make art and what these creations came to look like. This question still intrigues me: Why do I create art? When I started my education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2003, that question was partially answered; it felt like coming home, art being a language that I understand naturally. The urge to experiment with forms never left me. I chose the direction of architectural design but what fascinated me most was to capture ‘the ‘spatial’ quality of ‘immaterial’ thoughts and to transform this onto the flat plane. I didn’t ever stop drawing; I followed model drawing lessons with different artists for years. A teacher once told me that I draw like a sculptor - this has been my approach to drawing ever since.